Manufacturers directly provide fully degradable beverage paper straw, disposable environmental protection Wave stripe straight straw, which can be wholesale customized

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Paper straw made of edible kraft paper
1. Machine cutting, no burr, smooth and regular.
2. Clear printing and various designs and colors
3. Smooth without peculiar smell, healthy, environmental and hygienic

  • Port of departure: Ningbo
  • MOQ: More than 100000
  • Delivery time: 10 days
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
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    The paper straw is made of edible kraft paper. It is green and safe and belongs to an environmentally friendly straw that will not pollute the environment and can be completely degraded in the natural environment. In addition, the production process is about to be strictly tested and completed in a dust-free workshop, which meets international environmental protection requirements.

    Paper straws are made of food environment-friendly paper, which is green and safe without any odor. They belong to an environment-friendly straw, and will not pollute the environment. After use, they can be completely degraded in the natural environment, and will not pollute the environment, which is in line with green sustainable development.At the same time, the color and appearance of the paper straw can be arbitrarily selected, which conforms to the preferences of all kinds of people and is suitable for all kinds of places.The use of paper tubes is safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, and odorless. Printing ink that is harmless to human health, meets ROHS environmental protection requirements, and meets food packaging requirements, prints various patterns.

    Our products are made of food-grade granular materials, without any industrial granular materials or purchased materials, and without peculiar smell. Designed with wavy stripes, paper packaging straws are thickened and made of hard and strong materials, which are simple and convenient to use, healthy and safe.Our products have passed BRC,FSC, FDA, CE, ISO2021, LFGB & BSCI certification.

    Product Details

    raw material Safe paper (FSC certified) food fully degradable white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper and environmental friendly water-based ink are used
    diameter 5mm / 6mm / 7mm / 8mm (0.197"/0.236"/0.276"/0.315")
    length  120MM-400MM(4.724"-15.748")
    characteristic Fully degradable compost
    durability Cold and hot drinks
    packing Customizable and individually packaged
    appearance  Customizable

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    wave stripe straw(1)

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