Countermeasures to promote the implementation of plastic limit policy

First of all, the relevant functional departments of the regional governments should strengthen the cooperation between businesses and Popularize the knowledge of plastic limit order among consumers. Make sure everyone knows and knows about paper suction. The benefits of replacing plastic straws make everyone more active in making changes. Good environment contributes its own strength.

Secondly, more policies and financial support can be introduced to encourage milk tea. Use shop paper straws to subsidize qualified tea shops as a reward. Form to encourage businesses to use environmentally friendly straws. This way can In order to make up for the loss of profits brought by merchants after using paper straws and attract more Merchants join the ranks of using paper straws. At the same time, the government should also use it extensively. Merchants who do not add degradable plastic straws will be punished appropriately to crack down on Environmental retrograde on the road. The government can also raise taxes on plastic straws, In order to reduce the use and waste of plastic straws.

Finally, it is suggested that the government build a forum with the theme of paper straws, which is widely Accept everyone's suggestions, adjust policies in real time, and update relevant knowledge in time.Paper straws instead of plastic straws must be a pair for consumers and businesses. In the process of hard work, businesses should actively consider asking questions from the perspective of consumers. Consumers should also understand that in the process of replacing plastic straws with paper straws. The shortcomings brought about by it.Consumers should accept it properly while ensuring their own drinking experience. Shortcomings of paper straws, as far as possible without affecting drinking. Select a paper straw. Paper straws must be the general trend, and consumers should also be active. Actively to the store, to the straw producers feedback experience, out of its not. Feet and their own suggestions. Without affecting your convenience. Next, you can also consider bringing your own straws, cups, etc., which is environmentally friendly, I feel at ease drinking myself.

Post time: Jul-20-2022