Analysis of the present situation of paper straws replacing plastic straws

The implementation of the "plastic limit order" is a gradual and continuous process. Cheng. According to the "On Further Strengthening Plastic Pollution Control" Opinions, the plastic limit order will be promoted in three steps: the first step, at the end of 2020 The production and sale of some plastic products are prohibited and restricted in some areas. Sale and use; The second step is to highlight the problem of plastic pollution in 2022. And e-commerce, take-out and other emerging fields to form a batch of plastic products that can be replicated and promoted. Material reduction and green logistics mode; The third step is to produce plastic products in 2025, The management system of circulation, consumption, recycling and disposal has been basically established. Material pollution is effectively controlled.

At present, some big brand tea shops will go for their own reputation. Actively replace plastic straws and actively respond to national policies, but there are also some small groups. Milk tea shops can't change plastic straws in time, which requires the tangible hand of the government. Push. The state should enforce the national standard to promote the use of higher standards of paper suction. Tube, once this kind of straw is widely used by merchants, the consumer experience is improved, Demand, sales volume and profit will increase greatly, which in turn will prompt merchants to choose. In the production process, due to the lack of mandatory national standards, enterprises implement production. The standards are not uniform, which may affect the implementation effect of the "plastic limit order". Even affecting the popularity and product quality of listed environmentally friendly plastic substitutes. Rise. Therefore, whether it is a "plastic limit order" or a "tube limit order", it cannot be changed. To become a "polished rod ban", it is necessary to form a complete set of standards and systems, both normative and The links of production, sale and use are also for supervision and law enforcement and supervision by public opinion. Reference standard.

Post time: Jul-20-2022